Mick Eady

Mick is the Director of Photography with a portfolio of work ranging from documentaries filmed in the slums of India to iconic locations throughout Australia, the USA, UK and the Middle East.

He shoots television commercials, international formats and television series broadcast around the world, as well short and feature films.

Credits include Trust (feature film), Everytown Downunder (travel series), Taste of Australia with Lyndey Milan (food series), Let Hope Rise (feature documentary), John Wesley: The man and his mission (feature documentary), and Trinney and Susannah (British fashion/makeover series).

Recent Credits:

2019: Wesley Impact (TV series)
2018: Love Him or Loathe Him: Fred Nile (Documentary)
2018: The Man of Galilee (TV series)
2018: Trust (Feature Film)
2017: How Can It Be (DNA) (TV series)
2017: Dear Waley (Short Film)
2016: Let Hope Rise (Documentary)
2016: Luke Nguyens’ France in Sydney (TV series)
2016: ARIA Awards Red Carpet (TV special)
2016: NRL: Dream, Believe, Achieve (Branded Series)
2015: Lyndey Milan’s Taste of Australia (TV series)
2015: Lyndey Milan’s Baking Secrets (TV series)
2014: Everytown Downunder (TV series)
2014: Haunting Australia Paranormal Investigations (TV series)
2012: John Wesley: The man and his mission (Documentary)
2012: In Her Footsteps, India (Documentary)
2011: Trinny and Susannah’s Downunder Makeover (TV series)
2010: Kitali “House of Hope”, Kenya (Documentary)