The story of ETERNITY provides a unique perspective on our national identity.  It features in key moments and at major turning points in Australia's recent history dating back over 85 years ... and is set to continue well into the future.

Arthur Stace - Cemetry Statue
Eternity Wall - Eastern Sub Cemetries

ETERNITY has influenced Australia and parts of the world in the most diverse and unusual of ways since appearing on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and in the 2000 Olympic Games.

Many public works featuring ETERNITY have been created over the past 20 years adding to our national story and continuing to shape our identity today.

We go back to 1932 and revisit major historical events of the 20th Century, and look forward to the future of ETERNITY in Australia. 

Why was ETERNITY embraced?  How did it stand the test of time? What did it represent to an emerging international city? What does it tell us about our past, present and future? And what does this say about us?

Clover Moore (Sydney Lord Mayor)
Peter Tonkin (Architect of Eternity Playhouse Theatre)
Remo Giuffre (Founder, Remo Store Darlinghurst)
George Semaan (owner, Eternity Cafe Town Hall)
Ruth Ridley (daughter of John Ridley - who inspired Mr Eternity)
Elizabeth Meyers (daughter of the man who discovered Mr Eternity)
• Bruce Leghorn (personal friend of Arthur Stace)
Rev Mike Paget (Rector, St Barney's Church on Broadway)

Alan Cadman (former Federal Member of Parliament)
Norm Walker (Arthur Stace memorabilia)
Jim Low (musician)
David Lever (artist)
Matthew Peet 'Mystery' (Australian Hip Hop Champion & Street Artist)


This one word written on the streets by Arthur Stace for over 35 years has etched its way into Sydney's DNA, and is the inspiration for hundreds of books, magazines, articles, songs, artworks, poems, paintings, cafes, restaurants and businesses in Australia and around the world.

In New South Wales, Sydney has the Eternity Playhouse Theatre, Eternity Restaurant at Central Train Station, Eternity Cafe at Town Hall, and many plaques, paintings and signs that echo ETERNITY across the city.  And Griffith, an outback town, is the home of the Eternity Wine label.

Canberra has Eternity House and the National Museum of Australia was the home of a permanent Eternity Gallery (2001-2017) which was inspired by Mr Eternity and told the stories of over 130 people who captured the emotional heart of Australia.

Queensland is the headquarters of the Eternity Truck - is used by Australian Country Musicians to take their music to various parts of the outback.  And the authors of Grave Tales have dedicated a chapter in their first book to Mr Eternity and the Eternity story.

Eternity has been spotted on the sidewalks in white chalk in Melbourne, Victoria and Launceston, Tasmania as recently as December 2019.

Around the world, Moldova has an Eternity Cafe, and Queens, New York is the home of the Eternity Banksy painting.

Eternity Restaurant - Central
eternity truck - steve grace
Eternity Banksy

Why does ETERNITY continue to be a phenomenon in Australia and around the world?
What does ETERNITY represent to humanity?
And what does this say about us?


Publicity around the film will ensure longevity far beyond the initial broadcast and release of the documentary:
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• Eternity Walking Tour
• Eternity Day - on 14 November 2020 and ongoing

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