The story of ETERNITY provides a unique perspective on our national identity.  It features in key moments and at major turning points in Australia‚Äôs recent history dating back over 85 years … and is set to continue well into the future.

Since appearing on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and in the 2000 Olympic Games, ETERNITY has influenced Sydney, Australia and parts of the world in the most diverse and unusual of ways.  Why and how was this word selected?  What did it represent?  How has Sydney influenced the world through this word?

Many public works featuring ETERNITY have been created over the past 20 years adding to our national story and continuing to shape our identity today.  How is it used today?  Why does this word continue to resonate?  And what does this say about us?

We go back to 1932 and revisit major historical events of the 20th Century.  Why was ETERNITY embraced?  How did it stand the test of time?  What did it represent to an emerging international city?  And what does this tell us about our past, present and future?

Genre: Historical/Cultural Documentary
Duration: 60min
Status: Pre-Production

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