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Written in Chalk

Written in Chalk:
the echo of Arthur Stace

This is the next chapter of the Eternity story, building on the work of internationally recognised cultural and artistic legends Arthur Stace, Martin Sharp, Ignatius Jones, Lawrence Johnston, Dion Beebe, Jonathan Mills and many others.

Written in Chalk looks at how the word Eternity has been used in Australia and around the world over the past 20 years – since appearing on the Harbour Bridge at the Sydney Millennium celebrations.

The documentary celebrates the surprising ways in which the word Eternity has been embraced and adapted as an indelible vehicle of personal, social and cultural expression.  For more than 90 years, Eternity still captures our imagination, generates headlines, and continues to play a part in our cultural story.

This next chapter of the Eternity story features a broad cross-section of well know television and media personalities, internationally recognised theatre and opera producers, multi-award winning writers and authors, independent community artists, street artists, university lecturers, and social, political and environmental activists who each represent the Eternity story in their own unique ways.

Genre: Culture and Arts
Duration: 1 x 70 minute documentary
Availability: Completed

Ramon Williams: A Look Through the Lens

Ramon Williams: A Look Through the Lens

Ramon Williams is an independent news photographer who has covered just about every major event in Australia’s modern history over his 50 year career.

This one hour biographical documentary and online series tells the stories behind Ramon’s marquee photographs covering historical events including the Sydney Hilton Hotel Bombing, Cyclone Tracy, the opening of the Sydney Opera House, the Newcastle Earthquake, and every Royal visit by Queen Elizabeth since 1973.

Ramon’s photos have been published by organisations including the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Barnardos, National Geographic, Mission Australia, World Vision and many others.

This documentary and online series showcases Ramon’s work and tells the stories behind his photos.

Ramon has  photographed unique and iconic events in Australia’s modern history including:

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 1 x 60 minute documentary, 10 x 4-6min online series
Availability: in productionimage

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Easter Sunrise

This is the longest running annual program on Australian television.  First broadcast on Channel 9 in 1963, Easter Sunrise has been a staple for 60 years.

Easter Sunrise began as a live broadcast event and has developed into a unique television special that is hosted by Rev. Stu Cameron from the shores of Sydney Harbour, overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.


Genre: Special Easter
Duration: 60min
Broadcaster: Channel 9, Australia