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Australian TV & Media Group

Joni Leimgruber

Joni oversees the production and delivery of television programs, documentaries and online content designed to entertain, educate and impact audiences across a wide range of genre.

She manages programs filmed at prominent locations in Australia including the Sydney Opera House, Parliament House and Foxtel Television Studios, with Prime Ministers, State Premiers and leading media personalities.

Joni is the Production Co-ordinator for an international documentary series filmed in the Middle East.  Working with Government and local officials, she has built strategic relationships with production companies, and co-ordinates all aspects of crew travel and safety.

Mick Eady

Mick is a Director of Photography with a portfolio of work ranging from documentaries filmed in the slums of India and iconic locations throughout Australia, the US, UK and the Middle East.

He shoots television commercials, international formats and television series’ broadcast around the world, as well short and feature films, and has filmed with a Hollywood A-lister.

Credits include Trust (feature film), Everytown Downunder (travel series), Taste of Australia with Lyndey Milan (food series), Let Hope Rise (feature documentary), John Wesley: The man and his mission (feature documentary), and Trinney and Susannah (British fashion/makeover series).

Trevor Beck

Trevor is the go-to for live, studio and location audio production across every genre of television, documentary, live events, music and audio post.

His body of work includes the Olympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies (2000 – current), Commonwealth Games (2002 – current), and Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Trevor is the audio engineer for countless television series’, television commercials, feature films and documentaries for broadcasters including Channels 7, 9, 10, ABC and SBS in Australia, National Geographic, Discovery and many others around the world.