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Ramon Williams: A Look Through the Lens

Ramon Williams: A Look Through the Lens

Ramon Williams has agreed to be interviewed by the Australian Television and Media Group in an autobiographical documentary about his work.

Ramon’s is a unique Australian story which covers just about every major event in our modern history. Many have spoken about producing a film on Ramon and submitting his photos into the National Archives.

This is an autobiographical documentary which showcases Ramon’s work and which gives Ramon a platform to tell the stories behind his photos.

Ramon has  photographed unique and iconic events in Australia’s modern history including:

Ramon’s photos have been published by organisations including WEC, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Barnardos, Ambassadors for Christ, Haggai Institute, National Geographic, Mission Australia, World Vision and many others.

We are on schedule to film this documentary in September 2018, with a release date in late 2018 (budget permitting).


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We are looking forward to the release and screenings of Ramon Williams: a look through the lens.



Can I get a tax receipt for my support?
Yes. Click here to find out how to get behind this project and receive a receipt and a tax deductible receipt.

Are the ReadyFundGo crowdfunding incentives still available?
Yes, however the ReadyFundGo campaign has now ended.  Contact us if you would like to support the documentary and receive an incentive.

When will I receive my incentive?
At the completion of the project. Pre-production is underway and we’re on schedule for release in late 2018. We’ll keep you updated.

Can I purchase extra copies of the DVD?
For sure. The documentary will be available for purchase on Digital Download and DVD when completed.

Can I give a different amount than the incentives shown on the ReadyFundGo crowdfunding page?
Yes, though the ReadyFundGo campaign has now ended. Click here to support this project now that the ReadyFundGo campaign has ended.

Are there other ways I can financially support this project?
Yes. There are three ways to be part of this documentary with financial support:

  1. Crowdfunding – make a donation to support this documentary.
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I don’t live in Australia.  Can I still receive the incentives?
Absolutely! We’ll send a link to the Digital Download via email and post the DVD to you overseas. Those attending the Exclusive Screening will be responsible for their own travel and accomodation.

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Duration: 1 x 30 minute
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Scattered People

Scattered People

A band of Australian musicians go into a Brisbane detention centre to play music and write songs with people seeking asylum.  They meet Saha and Mas and invite them to sing on their next album. 

Featuring acclaimed musicians Missy Higgins, John Butler, Michael Franti, Archie Roach, Dan Sultan, Katie Noonan, Harry James Angus and Robbie James (GANGgajang), this film looks into Australia’s response to this global issue, gives a voice to vulnerable people, and explores how music and the arts can bring healing, hope, unity and foster community.

Is Australia ready to hear from some of the world’s most vulnerable people?

Production Company: Being Reel Films
Producers: John and Lizzi Swatland


Genre: Feature Documentary
Duration: 55min
Availability: In Post Production

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Supported by the
Documentary Australia Foundation